Late Night gives President Tone Deaf partial credit for his terrible terrible so terrible 9/11 tweet

Trevor Noah defends Trump’s 9/11 tweet, reminding us of all the other weird things President Sociopath has said about September 11th that were much, much worse:

James Corden doesn’t even know where to begin with Trump’s 9/11 tweet:

Seth Meyers introduces a new segment: “What Does Why Did Does He I Mean Man”:

Stephen Colbert notes that Trump’s description of Hurricane Florence — “tremendously big and tremendously wet” — is similar to something else in Trump’s past:

And Stephen Colbert has a beef with Alex Trebek’s beard:

Jimmy Kimmel has the titles of the next Trump books to hit the shelves:

Jimmy Fallon compares Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke to try to understand why Cruz is so unlikable:


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