Late night is enjoying Trump’s meltdown as Mueller creeps ever closer

One of my favorite details from the “Trump Wants to Talk to Mueller” story that came out this week is that Trump thinks he can convince Mueller that his investigation is a witch hunt. Stephen Colbert is convinced Trump will try to do so by showing Mueller his tweets:

Trevor Noah notes that Trump might have obstructed justice because he was SO MAD at being accused of obstruction of justice:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s continued meltdown over the Mueller investigation, and my MSNBC boyfriend (and former colleague of my husband’s), Chuck Rosenberg makes an appearance. Hi Chuck! ~waves at the TV like an idiot~:

The Tiny Voice Inside Donald Trump’s Brain, once again. CHICKEN FINGERS:

“According to The New York Times, President Trump is eager to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller to clear himself of any wrongdoing. Oh, yes, please do that. That would be like when the cops show up at your party and your drunkest friend says, ‘Oh, I’ll talk to them.’” — Seth Meyers

Stephen Colbert dissects Ivanka Trump’s recent interview and finds some common ground with her:

Seth Meyers burns things.

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