Sarah Sanders won’t face the press, so late night comes to her

Stephen Colbert scolds Sarah Huckabee Sanders for refusing to discuss Trump’s immigration policies. “If kids in cages is too much for you to defend, there is one option: You could resign! This is the White House, not an abandoned Walmart. You’re allowed to leave.”

Seth Meyers attends another Late Night White House Press Briefing and asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she’s going to start telling them the truth:

Trevor Noah points out the hypocrisy of Trump being against Trump taking away the immigrant kids from their parents and marvels at Brian Kilmeade’s defense of this policy. It is really something.

Jordan Klepper helps us figure out who to trust in this whole mess by just assuming the opposite of whatever the big news stations tells us … but what happens if we apply that to big news station, Fox News?:

Seth Meyers: “According to a new book about President Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr. was nicknamed “Diaper Don” in college and would wake up covered in piss in strangers’ rooms. Like father, like son.”

Jimmy Fallon had the reaction of the Bachelorette contestants to Trump’s announcement of the “Space Force” and it was kinda perfect:

Jimmy Kimmel is still recovering from his basketball game with Ted Cruz, but I take offense at the idea that Houston would throw Cruz a victory parade.

James Corden is obsessed with Harry Kane’s neck. You and my husband both, Corden.

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