Late night rips into Trump’s evil family separation policy that only a devil could love

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump gaslighting the country about his cruel family separation policy WHICH IS NOT A LAW.

Stephen Colbert allows the devil to argue for his position of imprisoning children — because only someone that evil could defend this policy:

Jimmy Fallon points out there is an easy fix to Trump’s brutal family separation policy: the midterms.

Trevor Noah calls bullshit on Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s statements about the separation policy:

Jordan Klepper goes through the stages of acceptance Trumpites must go through to accept that this is who they are:

Colbert points out that Trump wishes Fox News were more like North Korean State TV:

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver introduces us to China’s leader, Winnie the Pooh Xi Jinping:

Seth Meyers knows where Trump’s 2020 headquarters will be:

Meanwhile, in a different corner of the White House lawn:

I’m posting this video of James Corden and the English soccer team trying to recruit American fans for my husband who, if he had the opportunity, would absolutely leave me for Harry Kane:

Here’s the Jimmy Kimmel/Ted Cruz basketball game. VOTE BETO.

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