We can talk about the ‘Westworld’ finale just as soon as you listen to this recording of children crying for their parents in one of our detention centers

Before we talk about TV, you have to listen to what it sounds like when small children are separated from their parents by a fascist government. 

Sure sounds like a fun summer camp, Laura Ingraham! You should send your kids there for the summer!

First the Parkland kids and now this? What is your thing against children, you fucking monster?

In the wake of Seth MacFarlane speaking out about being embarrassed to work for Fox, Judd Apatow urged others to speak out:

And Modern Family co-creator, Steve Levitan was happy to oblige:

And the guy who created Godwin’s Law says that it’s cool to start comparing the Trump administration to Nazis. (Fun fact: Godwin is a graduate of my alma mater Lamar High School right here in Houston. Go Redskins Texans!)

Now for a pair of palate cleansers: Gina Rodriguez is giving the money she would have spent on a “For Your Consideration” campaign for the Emmys towards a college scholarship for an undocumented Latina student who is headed to Princeton.

And here’s a lovely moment from last night’s MTV Movie and TV Awards. There are still good people in the world.

While accepting his award for Best Villain at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Michael B. Jordan joked that Roseanne Barr should have won. Oh, snap.

And Millie Bobby Brown took on her bullies while accepting her award:

Here are a bunch of Westworld theories ahead of Sunday’s finale. Here are seven burning questions that need to be answered in the finale. And here’s what to expect from the finale based on the preview. By the way, no chance William is a host. No chance.

The Lucifer creators are breaking their planned season four into two chunks to fit with Netflix’s order. Let’s hope they get a fifth season to tell the entire story.

Bachelorette contestant Connor is warning fellow Bachelorette contestant Lincoln to stay away from Becca and the rest of the guys at the “Tell All” special — which is in and of itself a spoiler because the top three guys don’t appear on the “Tell All” special.

People are now calling for a boycott of the Daytime Emmys after the recent shenanigans. Good. They should.

It turns out this season was remarkably good for new shows — the best year since at least 2009.

Mike Meyers explains his Gong Show character … kinda.

Here are all the live TV streaming services, their prices and what you get for them. Related: Roku is doing some sort of marketplace for subscription services? I don’t know what this means, but I assume if you are a Roku user you might?

Take care of yourself, Heather Locklear, and get better soon.

Time’s Up

ESPN’s NFL sideline reporter Ed Werder doesn’t get it.

Wait, there are still universities out there that hadn’t rescinded the honorary degrees they gave Bill Cosby until now? HOW? Are there any others still out there? ~runs to Wikipedia~ OH SHIT: He has been given “around 60” honorary degrees, and only 49 have been rescinded. WHAT ARE THE REST OF YOU WAITING FOR?

MIT has cleared Junot Díaz in their sexual-misconduct investigation.

This is an excellent piece about Chris Hardwick and the white male toxicity of geek culture.

Which is exactly why Yvette Nicole Brown would be THE FUCKING PERFECT person to replace him on The Talking Dead, oh my God, just the thought of it gives me goosebumps.


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