Late night wonders what we’re going to do with all these North Korea summit commerative coins now.

Before we get to the North Korea jokes, Seth Meyers gave us the kind of story we need right now — if you watch one video on this page, make it this one:

Now, onto North Korea:

Jimmy Kimmel marvels at Trump’s not-quite-Lincoln-esque letter Tromp wrote to “Kim Jung Un” cancelling the North Korea summit:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at the collapse of the talks with North Korea:

James Corden notes that Trump is sending rather mixed messages to Kim Jong Un:

Stephen Colbert taped Thursday night’s show earlier in the week, and missed the North Korea story, but still managed to stick it.

Adam Levine joins James Corden for some Carpool Karoake if that’s your thing:

Stephen Colbert takes a look at the crazies running for office in Arizona:

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