Late night leaks about all those White House leaks

Trevor Noah on the White House leaks: “So no the leakers are leaking leaks about a meeting about what leaked”:

On the news that Trump is just cold taking bribes from China in the form of investments to a theme park Trump stands to profit from, Stephen Colbert has some Trump theme park ride ideas:

James Corden marvels that in one tweet, Trump was able to call the leaks “fake” while also promising to catch the leakers:

Jimmy Fallon has Trump’s plan to find the leakers: He’s going to wait for someone to leak who the leakers are:

It’s time for another Late Night White House Press Briefing:

Deadpool took over Stephen Colbert’s monologue to deliver a couple of Trump jokes:

Seth Meyers begs Toys R Us to not sell Geoffrey to the Trump Boys:


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