“Hurricane Rudy” slams late night

Stephen Colbert’s “Stormy Watch” is particularly impressive, what with Hurricane Rudy rolling in:

Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Rudy Giuliani’s inspired performance and the fact that Hannity accidentally did journalism. Meyers also has a very good theory as to why, exactly, Giuliani cracked:

Jimmy Kimmel is fascinated with Rudy Guiliani’s case of crazy eyes:

Trevor Noah worries that this whole mess will ruin porn:

Jordan Klepper argues that Rudy Giuliani is the “just say the thing” expert — the lawyer that Trump deserves:

Jimmy Fallon notes that Trump is probably paying Rudy his own hush money:

James Corden thinks the most shocking part of the story is that Trump repaid anyone:

Seth Meyers isn’t saying that Rudy Giuliani screwed Trump ….

The ongoing saga of Don Blankenship and “Cocaine Mitch”:


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