Late night celebrates the bromance and awkwardness of Trump and Macron

Jimmy Kimmel notes that Trump couldn’t keep his hands off of Emmanuel Macron, and gave him the “full Stormy Daniels.”

Stephen Colbert details all the awkward moments between Trump and Melania during the Macron visit: “She’s not having it, it’s like he’s trying to arouse a dead trout… She watches 60 Minutes, she knows where that hand has been.”

“The Daily Show” has the footage of Donald Trump showing Macron his phone. Yes, showing him his phone.

Seth Meyers noted that at Trump’s first State Dinner, Melania had some questions about which fork to use … to kill herself:

“The main course was rack of lamb. But after Donald Trump grabbed the rack, his lawyer had to pay it $130,000.”

James Corden dissects the awkward moment when Donald Trump brushed dandruff off of Macron’s jacket:

The tiny voice in the back of Donald Trump’s head had some thoughts about fancy medals:

Stephen Colbert does a deep dive on a Republican that even the Republicans don’t like, Don Blakenship. This guy’s a treat. The New York Times did a longer piece on this guy that is really worth reading. Some highlights: though he’s running for Senate from West Virginia, he lives in Las Vegas; he calls himself an “American competitionist,” but has mulled becoming a Chinese citizen; he referred to the secretary of transportation Ellen Chao’s father as “a wealthy Chinaperson” and claims Mitch McConnell is too soft on China as a result; and yet he is engaged to a woman who describes herself as “a former Chinese professional basketball player and part-time model.” It’s a good read is what I’m saying.

Seth Meyers did a “Check In” on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Trump’s eagerness to privatize it:

Amber Ruffin Says WHAT about Beychella. I hear you, Amber Rufin:

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