Late night debates just how fast Michael Cohen will flip on Trump

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at a number of things, how banks have profited under Trump, Scott Pruitt, but most entertainingly, Michael Cohen and how he is TOTALLY going to flip on Trump “If Sammy the Bull flipped, you know Michael the Bullshitter definitely will.”:

Stephen Colbert covers Trump’s weekend Twitter freakout, continues — like all of us — to be frustrated at his refusal to spell “counsel” correctly, reenacts Trump’s phone call with Sylvester Stallone and makes the same bad royal baby joke that Seth Meyers does. (See below.)

It’s not just Trump who’s getting drunk in the White House. Jimmy Kimmel introduces us to Sarah Drunkabee Sanders:

Jimmy Fallon has Trump’s filthy Earth Day message:

Trevor Noah discusses Donald Trump’s origin lie:

James Corden correctly notes that only Donald Trump could make poeple say, “I’m glad he’s not coming he’s not coming to the funeral, he’d ruin the mood.” He also congratulates William and Kate on “little baby James.”

Dana Carvey talks about his 25-year friendship with the Bushes — because of his impersonation of him. This is very sweet:

“The Opposition” can’t wrap their heads around the idea of an good guy without a gun stopping a bad man with a gun.

Seth Meyers is pretty sure he knows what Trump’s idea of a state visit is, and he has a very dumb royal baby joke.

In contrast, Jimmy Kimmel offers a pretty decent royal baby joke (or two):

The Legion of Doom welcomes their newest member:

One of my favorite bits is back: The Tiny Voice in the Back of Donald Trump’s Head:

John Oliver explores the Iran Deal, brings out the Catheter Cowboy once more to explain to Donald Trump that 0 is less than 10:


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