Colbert interviews Comey and ‘The Daily Show’ reveals the Hannity Crime Family

The big event of the night was Stephen Colbert’s interview with James Comey. Colbert offered Comey red wine in a paper cup before getting down to business. You can watch the entire interview here:

Jimmy Kimmel goes back in time again to warn Baby Trump about James Comey and Stormy Daniels: 

Joel McHale beats Jimmy Fallon at Trump Diss Bingo. Who’da guessed “slippery?”

Trevor Noah is very confused by Sean Hannity’s explanation for his relationship with Michael Cohen. “What gets me is how casually Hannity is trying to minimize his connection to Michael Coehn, like it means nothing. Especially when every other day of the year, he’s the guy who can bake a conspiracy cake out of an egg and the word ‘Hillary.'”

On Tax Day, James Corden is pretty sure Donald Trump can write off the past year as a total loss:

Stephen Colbert hosts a meeting between Wu-Tang and Jeff Sessions, who is remarkably fluent in rap:

Conan hosted a Dumb and Dumber reunion:

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