Late night is positively gleeful about the Trump secret child and pee tape rumors

Jimmy Kimmel’s doorman has the dirt on Jimmy Kimmel’s past. Are you listening, Sean Hannity?

Trevor Noah wonders if he’s Trump secret love child:

James Corden points out that Trump finally found something he didn’t want to put his name on:

Conan is most impressed that a Trump employee got paid:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Comey’s book and concludes that the Pee Pee Tape is TOTALLY REAL. Also, fuck you, Paul Ryan, you don’t get to give us Donald Trump and then leave us:

Stephen Colbert sings the Trump version of “My Way”:
“Regrets? Hey, what are those?
I barrel forth without reflection,
I do what I want to do,
Follow my gut and my erection.
For what is a man, what does he tweet,
Starting a war from his toilet seat?
To scream the things he truly feels,
Between rounds of golf and Happy Meals,
I’ll let my staff clean up the chaff
And do it Trump’s way!”

Jimmy Fallon has the ads that used the photo Trump tweeted of himself with the GOP leadership:

The Opposition gave Alex Jones a taste of his own supplements and it was GLORIOUS.

Stephen Colbert also updated us on the corrupt Scott Pruitt:

Seth Meyers knows who the lucky guy will be who gets to fire everyone at the Justice Department:


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