Late night says goodbye to Paul Ryan

Stephen Colbert covers Trump’s Twitter meltdown yesterday before saying goodbye to Crossfit Dracula, Paul Ryan: “We’ll all miss your famous catchphrase: ‘No, I hadn’t heard what the president said, but if true, that is troubling.’”

The Daily Show says goodbye to Paul Ryan, “the guy who eye bangs himself in the gym,” and whose one big worry was the federal debt — until he blew it up:

Jimmy Fallon notes that Ryan said that “after 20 years in Congress, it’s time to let someone else get nothing done.”

James Corden says it’s shocking that “someone is leaving Washington and Trump didn’t fire them.” He also relives the glory of those amazing workout photos:

Jimmy Kimmel imagines Paul Ryan’s last day:

Late Night with Seth Meyer’s Amber Ruffins as Roy Amberson sings her goodbye to Paul Ryan:

Conan jokes that Ryan is leaving to spend time with his children to “take away their health care in person”:

Seth Meyers points out that in this presidential administration, the first time you hear someone’s name, is when they resign:

Jimmy Kimmel reminds us that one of Michael Cohen’s jobs was to yell at a producer for not putting Trump in Sharknado 3. True story.

Stephen Colbert covers the Mark Zuckerberg hearings and is almost confident Congress might be able to log on to Facebook now:

It’s another Late Night White House Press Briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in which we learn what it takes to get the President out of bed in the morning:

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