Late night raids the Michael Cohen story

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at the raid on Michael Cohen’s office: “This is like the series finale of a TV show where they try to tie all the different plot lines together. ‘Oh, it’s Michael Cohen, from Season 1! What’s he doing in this episode?’”

Stephen Colbert says that thanks to this Cohen raid, the FBI are so far up in Trump’s business that they are “reading his emails via proctoscope”:

Jimmy Fallon: “The raid happened after the FBI got a search warrant. Trump was surprised to learn you need permission before you can just start grabbing stuff.”

Trevor Noah notes that while Trump may have lost attorney-client privilege, he still has white privilege:

Jimmy Kimmel takes a look at all the other things Trump has declared dead (besides attorney-client privilege):

James Corden thinks Trump’s “TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!” tweet might be more related to Stormy Daniels than we realized:

Tackling the other big story of the day, The Opposition‘s Josh and Aaron coach Mark Zuckerberg on how to dominate Congress:

Stephen Colbert reveals that Tucker Carlson STOLE THE PANDA STORY FROM HIM:

Jimmy Kimmel has the ad for the Trump board game: Clueison:

Seth Meyers is pretty sure the raid on Cohen’s office was instead of Trump’s testimony:

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s employees trolled Pat Robertson, God bless him. (The staffer, not Robertson, obvs.)

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