The story of the birth of Seth Meyers’ second child is one of the craziest (and funniest) (and sweetest) things you’ll hear today

Seth Meyers might need to find a new apartment building after the birth of his second son:

In light of the FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s hotel room, Stephen Colbert recommends one of Stormy Daniels’ movies, “The Taint Team.”

Jimmy Kimmel has the video Facebook will be sending to users whose data was scraped by Cambridge Analytica. Cute!

Cardi B. joined Jimmy Fallon as a co-host of The Tonight Show for some reason and they make fun of Trump’s lumpy coat.

Trevor Noah notes that when your scandal resume goes to page 2, you’ve done fucked up. YOU HEAR THAT, SCOTT PRUITT?

James Corden has more grammar criticisms for Trump:

The Opposition¬†team¬†investigates the “demons” behind Drag Queen story hours:

Jon Oliver bought himself a crisis pregnancy van:

Jokes Seth Can’t Tell with Tiffany Haddish:

Stephen Colbert also addresses Trump’s insane attacks on Amazon:

Finally, Seth Meyers fondly remembers when Sarah Palin was scary:


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