Late night has the topics Trump is willing to discuss with Mueller

Stephen Colbert has the list of things Mueller is not allowed to ask Trump, which includes “Stormy’s bathing suit area” and “Vlad stuff.”

Seth Meyers does a deep dive on the integrity of our upcoming elections, and it is … dispiriting:

Jimmy Kimmel has the White House’s orientation video:

Jimmy Fallon notes that we’ve arrived at the point where when people hear that the President is being sued by a porn star, their reaction is “which one?”

James Corden points out that we now know the one thing worse than being fired onĀ Celebrity Apprentice:

Trevor Noah suggests Trump’s drug plan is overly simplistic and definitely from the 80s and 90s:

The Opposition explores “The Storm,” a conspiracy theory that Mueller is actually investigating Hillary and Obama, no I’m not kidding.

Katie Couric escorted Jimmy Kimmel on his first colonoscopy in this very funny and kinda sweet video that serves as a reminder to take care of yourselves, kids:

Late Night with Seth Meyer’s adorable Amber Ruffin went to Australia to chug wine and pet baby koalas and basically live my best life:

Stephen Colbert points out that not everyone was happy that Trump gave the thumbs up to “a murderous dictator for winning a sham election.”

Seth Meyers makes very good jokes about Trump’s meeting with the Saudi leadership and Queen Elizabeth:

And Jimmy Kimmel mourns one of my great internet heroes: Keyboard Cat:

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