Melania gives the State of Her Union and the rest of the best of late night

Melania Trump gave Stephen Colbert her own state of her uniom with her husband. The long and short of it: “Time’s Up.”

Samantha Bee gives us the ACTUAL State of our Union:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s State of the Union, and hilariously points out all the times Trump begged the Democrats for a standing ovation, and applauded for himself:

Stephen Colbert can get used to this whole “applauding for yourself” thing:

Jimmy Fallon notes that even Melania needed a drink before the State of the Union:

James Corden mistook the State of the Union address for a Jimmy Buffet concert:

The Daily Show‘s Roy Wood Jr. gives us the State of Black Shit:

Samantha Bee and Gretchen Carlson find something to agree on:

Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to the Super Bowl to encourage Bill Bellichik to smile more:

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