Late night is just as grossed out as you are by this whole Stormy Daniels story.

Seth Meyers reluctantly takes A Closer Look at this Stormy Daniels story:

James Corden has all the details from Stormy’s interview, which can be summarized as, “ew ew ew ew ew ew”:

Stephen Colbert has a lightbulb joke for you:

Jimmy Kimmel asks kids what they think of Trump, and the kids are alright:

Jimmy Fallon has a copy of the Dr. Seuss book Trump wrote about himself. (It’s funny because Trump can’t write.)

Trevor Noah marvels at just how stupid Trump is about his primary issue: immigration. Does he really think it’s like a real lottery? Where they draw names out of a bowl? REALLY?

Jimmy Kimmel brought Barista Theater back out to illustrate what is going on with the government shutdown and CHIP:

Seth Meyers is proud of Trump passing a Denny’s placemat:

Here’s James Corden as Melania singing The Little Mermaid:

Jimmy Kimmel also hosted his own awards: The Dishonest & Corrupt President Awards:


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