Late night checks in on Trump’s checkup

Stephen Colbert thinks it’s awfully convenient that Trump is one pound shy of being obese, and notes that Trump might have “great genes,” but can’t fit into them:

The fact that Trump’s doctor declared him completely sane has Trevor Noah more worried:

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t understand how Trump can both be in “excellent health” and sneeze gravy, and found the secret to what is controlling the President:

Conan: “President Trump’s doctor predicted that the president will have and live a long life. As a result, the doctor’s now treating Melania Trump for depression.”

Jordan Klepper wants us to imagine what Donald Trump could accomplish with 100 more years as President (are you screaming yet?):

Seth Meyers checks in on the Puerto Rico recovery, and it’s NOT GREAT, BOB.

James Corden is disapppointed in Trump’s nickname for Dick Durbin and comes up with some much better suggestions:

Jimmy Kimmel played a fun game of “How Long Does Your Sex Last” with people on Hollywood Blvd.

Jimmy Fallon has the “Mike Pence Blush Scale.”

Seth Meyers has more jokes he can’t tell:


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