Does Donald Trump know the words to the National Anthem? Late night investigates.

Donald Trump attended the College Football Championships, or whatever the hell they were called, Monday night and sorta sang along with the National Anthem, the song he’s had his panties in a twist about for months now and GUESS WHAT? He has no idea what the words are.

Jesus fucking Christ, this idiot.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s bad lip reading version of Trump singing the national anthem is pretty amazing:

Seth Meyers points out that Trump sings the National Anthem the way the rest of us sing “Despacito” and Seth has some AMAZING things to say about Stephen Miller:

Trevor Noah thinks it’s more like how we sing along to Rhianna songs:

James Corden thinks that Trump’s problem is that it is hard to focus on the words when you’re composing tweets in your head, which is sweet because there is no way Trump composes those tweets ahead of time.

According to Jimmy Fallon, Trump denies he forgot the words to the National Anthem because you can’t forget something you didn’t know to begin with:

And this is the actual “Bad Lip Reading” version. Not late night, but my blog, my rules:

Jimmy Kimmel has proof that Trump is not, in fact, smarter than a fifth grader.

Stephen Colbert reminds Trump that he promised Mexico was going to pay for his dumb wall, and shares his search terms for the Fusion GPS transcripts:

Trevor Noah is becoming alarmed over how dictatory Trump is becoming, particularly with the Justice Department:

Stephen Colbert checks in on day two of the Oprah 2020 campaign:

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