Chapter 9,576 of “Our Dumb President.”

Breaking News: President Piddly is a fucking moron who doesn’t know the difference between “most influential” and “best.”

Media site Mediaite named Fox & Friends the “Most Influential in Media in 2017” for the obvious reason that President Senile obsessively watches those three mouth-breathers every morning, tweets whatever dumb bullshit they are spewing and then the rest of the media has to spend all day rolling their eyes at whatever awful — and likely untrue — thing the leader of the free world has just screamed out into the universe. This does not make Fox & Friends the “best” show, just the most influential.

But obviously, President Fuckwit doesn’t have the capacity to distinguish the difference:

Tom Brokaw had plenty to say about the tweet on Morning Joe this morning:

“[Trump] watches [F&F] because it reinforces what he believes,” Brokaw said. “Fox News…is on a jihad right now” against institutions of the government. “Newt Gingrigh looking into the camera and saying the FBI is a corrupt organization – three months earlier he’d said Bob Mueller is one of the great, distinguished public servants we have.”

“So, we’re at war here,” Brokaw said.

Oh, Tom, we’ve been at war for a while now. A long, dumb, dangerous war. I’d be all mad and shaking my fist, but I’ve got gifts to wrap and a house to clean and 4 episodes of Real Housewives to recap, so.

Looks like King’s Landing will be involved in a major action set piece in the final season of Game of Thrones. I mean, I guess that’s a spoiler, but it seems pretty obvious. What, King’s Landing is going to remain unscathed when there are a bunch of dragons, zombies, zombie dragons and pyromaniac queens running around? Come on.

Who is available for the not-wanted Office reboot? An investigation.

Stuff we know about the next season of The X-Files.

Space Ghost was one of the weirdest and most hilarious things on television, but you add Tommy Wiseau to it and it becomes art.

The Daily Groper

The headline is that artist Chuck Close apologizes after sexual harassment allegations. I don’t know what this is, but it sure as hell is not an apology: “I’ve never had a complaint in 50 years, not one. Last time I looked, discomfort was not a major offense. I never reduced anyone to tears, no one ever ran out of the place. If I embarrassed anyone or made them feel uncomfortable, I am truly sorry, I didn’t mean to. I acknowledge having a dirty mouth, but we’re all adults.”

Sylvester Stallone is being investigated by the police for a 1990 rape allegation.

Nelly has been accused of sexual assault and defamation in a new lawsuit stemming from an incident that occurred in October.

Alexandra Canosa, an associate producer of Marco Polo, is suing the Weinsteins for sexual harassment and abuse. Someone needs to tell Harvey Weinstein that they don’t have bathrobes in jail.

Another journalism school has rescinded the award they gave Charlie Rose.

Two more women have joined the lawsuit against Bill O’Reilly for defamation.

Glen Thrush will be back at The New York Times by the end of January, though he won’t be covering the White House any longer.

A reminder, the women who come forward with allegations have very little to gain for doing so, and everything to lose.


In Development

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