Jimmy Kimmel uses his adorable baby to plead for children’s health care and the rest of the best of late night

Jimmy Kimmel brought out adorable Baby Billy to make an emotional plea to Congress to FUCKING FUND CHIP, YOU FUCKING MONSTERS. The health of 9,000,000 children is being used as a political bargaining chip over this pile of shit of a tax plan and I hate everything about the GOP. Just, fuck. Call your Congressman and scream and then go enroll in Obamacare if you need it before the enrollment period ends on Friday.

Having once been a New York City subway commuter, and can personally attest that everything Colbert says about yesterday’s attempted terror attack is 100% true. In fact, when my now-husband and I had moved into our first apartment together, on the first day of our new commute our new station was targeted by terrorists, and we just trudged to the next stop, like, “Well, this commute sucks.” Nothing fazes New York subway commuters.

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at two people grossly unfit for political office: Donald Trump and Roy Moore. Also, Meyers’ takedown on Trump’s hypocrisy when crying Fake News! is a point that I missed in my earlier post from today, but well made:

Trevor Noah explains that the reason Trump is supporting Roy Moore is that “birds of a feather molest together,” and points out that the White House response to Trump’s accusers is complete and total bullshit:

The Opposition visits with Roy Moore supporters who defeated a bogus media narrative based on facts and verified accounts:

Jimmy Fallon demonstrates how 12 Diet Cokes affect our President’s behavior:

James Corden suggests that Trump is a secret Real Housewives of Atlanta fan. Nene was on the Apprentice, after all…:

Conan has the recording of Obama’s robocall to voters in Alabama:

Drunk Donald Trump visited Florida this weekend:


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