Late night skewers Charlie Rose, Roy Moore and another pair of unfortunate turkeys.

Stephen Colbert has the lyrics to the theme song from PBS’s Charlie Rose show.

Stephen Colbert also had Gayle King on his show last night, who reveals that she almost canceled following the revelations about ol’ Crusty Paw:

Hey, did you hear that Trump endorsed the child molester? Over the man who prosecuted the KKK? Because that guy is “too soft on crime”? Yeah. Great country we’ve got here. Anyway, here’s Seth Meyers taking a closer look at the whole thing.

Trump pardoned a pair of turkeys, and Jimmy Fallon has the turkeys’ and Trump’s profiles.

James Corden breaks the sad news that Trump is shutting down his “charitable” foundation.

Finally, Amber Ruffins has a lot to say “what” about:


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