Late night is the winner of Trump and LaVar Ball’s feud and everything else you missed last night

Because he’d much rather enflame culture wars than talk about Roy Moore or multiple legislative failures or actually learn something about his own tax bill, Trump launched a new fight on Twitter with the UCLA Basketball players who were accused of shoplifting in China.

As you probably well know, Trump immediately took credit for making sure the players did not go to jail, and after posting an extremely whiny tweet, the players thanked him:

But then, the father of one of the players, LaVar Ball, who is such a blowhard himself that he is regularly mocked on Saturday Night Live, expressed some doubt about how much a role Trump actually played in the player’s release, responding “Who?” when asked about it.

As you might imagine, Troompf did not take this well.

And late night had a field day.

Seth Meyers thinks that this is the Trump fight we’ve been waiting for:

Stephen Colbert points out that maybe this is not the time for Trump to be pointing out that someone’s kid should go to jail for what their dad did.

James Corden points out that Paul Manafort, et al, probably doesn’t find that whole “leave them in jail” thing that funny. 

Finally, The Tonight Show’s Patti Harrison gives us a glimpse into the Trump family’s Thanksgiving:

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