Stephen Colbert is one of the few late night hosts to discuss Louis C.K. and the rest of what you missed last night

Hey, guess who was supposed to have Louis C.K. on his show last night?

Seth Meyers also made a quick Louis C.K. joke last night: “According to the Washington Post, controversial Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore reportedly engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with an underage girl when he was 32 years old. Man, politics is so full of perverts and deviants; I’m just so glad I work in comedy.” A photo of Louis C.K. appeared, and Seth yelled, “AHHHH, DAMMIT!”

Meyers then took a closer look at the GOP’s tax plan, and hey, guess what, it’s not great for upper middle-class folks. Gotta pay for those golf club owners’ tax cuts somehow…

Jimmy Kimmel did not mention Louis C.K. last night. He did, however, chat with Kellyanne Conway about Trump’s trip to Vietnam:

Trevor Noah actually spoke the longest about Louis C.K. last night:

When I saw this story, I thought, man, this is the most pervy story of the day, and then Louis C.K. said, ‘Hold my penis.’ Like, at this point, we’re going to need a new Oscar category this year — Best Actor Whose Movies We Can’t Watch Anymore. Now that I think about it, all women in Hollywood should win double Oscars for acting like all the men were cool all along, every single one of them. I’m just fucking saying.”

“It’s getting to the point where I see a beloved celebrity’s name trending on Twitter, and I’m like, ‘Please tell me they’re dead, please tell me they’re dead, please tell me they’re dead. Ah, dammit. Every day!’” Later in the episode, Lewis Black — while showing how many politicians, including Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham, didn’t know the U.S. had troops in Niger — said, “Why can’t we just fire you guys, like President Kevin Spacey?”

Noah then had a special guest star help him illustrate the awkwardness of Trump’s visit to China:

James Corden did not discuss Louis C.K. but did roast Trump for cozying up to China.

Conan did not address Louis C.K. who used to be a writer on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Ellie Kemper did appear as gossipy Page Six, though:

Stephen Colbert is ready for the sex robot revolution.

And Jimmy Kimmel is still on the Obamacare Trumpcare warpath. By the way, enrollment is up this year from last. Keep it going, guys:

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