Carlos Correa and his fiancé appear on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and the rest of the best of late night

Here’s Houston Astros Carlos Correa on Jimmy Kimmel Live! talking about hitting home runs in the World Series, getting engaged, when he’s going to get married, Houston’s emotion at the parade, Puerto Rico, and José Altuve. Sadly, this probably concludes the Astros’ victory media tour:

In more sobering news, Late Night Dad Stephen Colbert sits us all down to talk about the most recent heartbreaking gun violence. Something has to change. Something has to be different. This is, as Colbert says, unacceptable, unnatural and inhuman. And if we want anything to change, we have to vote to make it happen.

Donald Trump is in Asia this week and said some crazy shit about Japan, samurais and missiles, and Seth Meyers was all over it:

James Corden makes the inevitable Godzilla joke:

Trevor Noah points out that Japan seems to have been stalking Donald Trump’s Pintrest:

Stephen Colbert also gave us updates on Trump’s visit to Japan, the Mike Flynn mess and Papa John’s being embraced by Nazis.

Conan has returned to the Apollo Theater for this week, and was styled by the famous Dapper Dan:

And Last Week Tonight did a number of pieces including one calling for Trump to not be let off the hook for Russia crap by claiming ignorance, and a deep dive on the expensive boondoggles that economic development plans tend to be. But by far, my favorite part of this week’s episode was a look at a television show produced by the United States Postal Service, The Inspectors. I’m adding it to the DVR IMMEDIATELY.

Here are those other clips, too, seeing as this past week was the season finale. DON’T GO, JOHN.

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