Trevor Noah reminds us of all the good stuff that comes from Puerto Rico, and the rest of the best of late night

Look, donor fatigue is a real thing, as those of us here in Houston know it probably best of all. But our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico need us, and in this impassioned plea, Trevor Noah suggests that every fan of “Despacito,” Hamilton and Jennifer Lopez should pay up:

Football went long last night, so here’s what you missed in Stephen Colbert’s monologue. 1. He is, somewhat shockingly, skeptical of Trump’s tax plan:

And I never want people to stop making fun of Steven Seagal, please.

The reviews of Trump’s new tax plan are in, and Jimmy Fallon has them!

Seth Meyers points out that this is the first presidency in which politicians have to check in safe on Facebook thanks to Trump’s insane lies:

Finally, in a non-political bit, Jimmy Kimmel pits the generations against each other in a game of Generation Gap:

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