So how much money did the Hand-in-Hand telethon raise for hurricane relief last night?

Hey, as of this morning, the Hand-in-Hand telethon raised over $44 million. $14 million of that was raised during the hour-long broadcast in which Justin Bieber debuted his new “Middle-Aged Female Top Chef Contestant” look, $30 million was donated in the hours after. You can still donate here, or text GIVE to 80077 to donate $25.

Thank you again, Bun B. You’ve made us #HoustonProud.

“I am the head chef at a raw vegan restaurant that specializes in pre-war Gambian/Lebanese cuisine. We don’t serve on plates, we serve all our meals on old vinyl albums.”

Oh my goodness, could Sense8 really land at a porn site? Probably not, but Lana Wachowski has said she’s writing a third season and she and the site have had a conversation….

Netflix is set to spend over $7 billion on content in a year. That’s literally more than the GDP of 59 different countries. And yet, even with that budget, they still couldn’t find the money for another season of Sense8. Hmm.

Black Mirror is taking credit for Apple’s new talking avatar feature on its new iPhones, and you know, they might have a point. I notice, however, they aren’t taking credit for President Trump. (If you haven’t seen “The Waldo Moment,” go do yourself a favor and watch it.)

AMC is the newest channel to offer its own ad-free streaming service — for a price.

Dave Chappelle knows what to do with an Emmy: SHOW THAT SHIT OFF.

“Real Housewives Star Lisa Vanderpump Sued over Luxury Dogwear” is the least surprising headline of the year. Also, for bonus points, the story involves a dog’s Instagram account.

Sportscenter host Jemele Hill tweeted that Trump is a white supremacist (true) and ESPN decided to put out a statement saying that it was inappropriate (not true) and that her comments don’t represent ESPN. WELL WHY DON’T THEY, ESPN? THE MAN IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST.

Yes, Alec Baldwin will be back on Saturday Night Live as Trump. Did anyone out there think he wasn’t going to be?

People with disabilities, Asians and the elderly are underrepresented on television. In other news, water is wet.

Wow, Tig Notaro is not holding back in going after Louis C.K. in One Mississippi.

Here’s your first look at Jordan Klepper’s new series, The Opposition. “You can vote against your own self-interests, it’s the American way!”


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South Park: After a several-day-long marathon, the new season begins. 9 p.m., Comedy Central

Odd Mom Out: Someone from the von Weber’s family’s past appears on The Wendy Williams Show in the season finale. 8:30 p.m., Bravo

Suits: Mike and Harvey have their backs up against the wall in the season finale. 8 p.m., USA

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