Donald Trump is still selling merch, and Jimmy Kimmel made the perfect ad for it, and the rest of the best of late night

Jimmy Kimmel helps Trump out by making a commercial for some of his actual, for real merchandise — a model train — and it is perfection. “The President Trump Express is sure to go off the rails, and crash and burn.”

In “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers points out for the one trillionth time in a row that Donald Trump is COMPLETELY INCAPABLE OF DOING HIS JOB. “Of course Trump doesn’t have any second thoughts, he doesn’t have first thoughts.” TRUTH.

Stephen Colbert congratulate the Democrats for winning something! Don’t get used to it, guys!

Meet Dulce Sloan, The Daily Show‘s newest correspondent. I kinda love her.

Everyone loves dogs in sunglasses, bark bark. And bonus! Not political!

Hey, real talk: Why are Trevor Noah’s best bits not actually filmed for the show?

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