Here are a bunch of new ‘Walking Dead’ pictures that don’t actually tell you anything about the new season.

Here are some new pictures from the first episode of eighth season of The Walking Dead, which tell us exactly nothing:


And here are some generic pictures for the season, mostly of bad ass bitches being bad ass:


The premiere of season 8 will be the 100th episode of The Walking Dead.  Here is a celebration of survivors: 

Fox hosted their TCA panel yesterday:

Fox is talking about a King of the Hill reboot, no doubt inspired by the political climate. If they were really clever, they’d turn Idiocracy into a series.

Chris Carter has rethought not having any female writers on this season of The X-Files. Good. The X-Files‘ new season will feature only two mythology episodes which, just based on last season’s misfires, is probably for the best, honestly.

The fourth season of Empire is going to feature a Prince tribute. Apparently, he watched the show religiously when he was alive. And now I’m upset about his death ALL OVER AGAIN. Empire promises to bring the focus back to the family this season, and Terrence Howard still sounds like a handful. Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson should be added to the writing staff. Lee Daniels never saw Star as part of Empire. Oh, OK.

Adam Scott described Ghosted as the baby of Stranger Things and Midnight Run, which, huh.

Here are some very mild spoilers about The Mick, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lethal Weapon‘s upcoming seasons.

Neither Fox nor Seth MacFarlane are worried that CBS is going to sue The Orville for being too Star Treky. I guess we’ll see. And don’t expect The Orville to be Family Guy in Space; MacFarlane intends to tackle serious topics. OK.

The Passage will undergo reshoots and won’t happen until at least fall 2018.

The Gifted is going to take place in a universe in which The X-Men existed but are now gone. 🙁

Fox is comparing its new singing competition, The Four, to Game of Thrones.

paris hilton ok k bored

Fox is also trying to claim that they didn’t want to bring American Idol back because it would have been “fraudulent” and not because American Idol didn’t want them anymore.

Oh, you thought 24 was cancelled? It’s not cancelled.

Oh, you thought Wayward Pines was cancelled? It’s not cancelled.

Rent is not coming to Fox anytime soon.

Disney just realized they can start their own streaming service. How this took them so long, I’ll never know.

Ryan Murphy really is doing his part to bring more opportunities for women and minorities behind the camera.

Dan Harmon knows that Community effectively ended when Donald Glover left, thanks.

Though The Dark Tower was a disaster in theaters this weekend, a series still has a chance. 

Hope you weren’t excited about DeMario being on Dancing with the Stars. (You probably shouldn’t have been, as I’m sure that was just a rumor being spread by his agent.)

Hey, Rachel Lindsay has some ideas as to who should be the next Bachelor. Hint: NOT PETER.

Here’s a long interview with David E. Kelley about Mr. Mercedes which debuts tonight. He also suggests that Big Little Lies 2 might be happening. We’ll see.

Daniel Craig’s Showtime series, Purity, will have to wait.


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Mr. Mercedes: This new series is based on a Stephen King novel about a homicide detective who is haunted by his last case, a killer who drives his Mercedes into crowds of people. Series premiere. Audience

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