Stephen Colbert would like to volunteer for jury duty, please, and the rest of the best of late night

Stephen wonders how, exactly, Mueller is going to find unbiased jurors for his grand jury, though. Fair point.

Stephen Colbert then goes on to have a field day with the completely insane transcripts from Trump’s phone calls with Mexico’s President Nieto and Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull:

The Daily Show points out that if Donald Trump did commit a crime (~cough~) he is the one American who can’t run off to Mexico.

Trevor Noah then imagines what it would look like if Trump were to go on the run:

Seth Meyers manages to wrap up all the crazy of the last 24 hours — and there has been a lot of crazy — in “A Closer Look”:

Drunk Donald Trump!

Stephen Colbert drafts a new poem for the Statue of Liberty:

“Baby Bachelor in Paradise” is coming and oh my God, y’all, it is not far off from the real thing AT ALL.

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