Stephen Colbert offers some edits to the Boy Scout oath following Trump’s horrific Jamboree speech and the rest of the best of late night

In light of his outrageous and frankly disgusting speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree, Stephen Colbert has updated the Boy Scout oath:

The Daily Show examines how Mitch and Trump — The Tortoise and The Hair — brought the health care back from the dead: by voting on a bill that doesn’t exist:

Seth Meyers does a Check In on how the Trump Administration is doing on their promise to tackle the opioid epidemic. Spoiler alert: Not great, Bob.

Cookie Tree Elf Sessions has some choice things to say to Trump.

Seth Meyers also does “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” and it is hilarious:

Bonus clips because I love you:

Conan introduces Captain Make America Great Again and Captain Make America Great Again Jr. at Comic Con:

And Conan got his hands on the Teen Dumbledore audition tapes:

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