Bye, Sean Spicer, bye, and the rest of the best of late night, including an in-depth investigation into that pee pee tape.

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone ... The Daily Show pays a fond farewell to Sean Spicer with a montage of his spiciest moments in this web clip:

Stephen Colbert investigates the pee pee tape allegations for himself, and shows us the bed where it may have (definitely did) happen:

“The goose is loose …”

Um. That’s not how it goes, but that is a much more interesting sounding story than O.J. being granted parole. More information, please.

This New York Times interview is the gift that keeps giving to late night talk show hosts. “Mr. President, I hate to be the one to break it to you: Macron wasn’t holding your hands because he liked it, he was just trying to keep them off his wife.”

Seth Meyers is here to remind Republicans that while Trump expects complete loyalty, he does not offer it.

“What do you think the Attorney General should do about Jeff Sessions’ ties to Russia?”

Conan is at Comic-Con, and not afraid to be servicey, offers panels that have short lines:

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