The best of this week’s late night celebrates covfefe, obvioufefe

Because Monday was Memorial Day, most late night shows took the entire week off. Good for them. The only shows that aired this week were The Daily Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! and even it was intermittent, thanks to the NBA finals. So what I usually make a daily post had to wait until the end of the week, by which time all these covfefe jokes have gone stale. Whaddya gonna do?

The Daily Show compares Trump’s dumping of the Paris Accord to an elimination on The Bachelorette, and as something of an expert on the subject I am here to tell you it’s apt.

Covfefe, the word that proved that Trump has made Twitter great again. True fact, I have had a Twitter account for years, I never used it until this asshole became president, but here we are.

Samantha Bee salutes Trump for giving America five glorious hours in the covfefe.

And in this brilliant bit, Samantha Bee wonders who Trump’s John Dean will be. (My money’s on Jared.) It’s also a nice reminder that Dick Cavett is a God damned national treasure.

Jimmy Kimmel talks Trump with a bunch of adorable kids and fills their heads with nonsense.

Mean Tweets the NBA edition is here, and you people should leave Magic Johnson alone.

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