Late Night body slams Montana Republican Greg Gianforte for his vicious attack on journalist and the First Amendment

~deep breath~

Montana just elected a man to Congress who gives zero fucks about the rule of law, the First Amendment or even reality. (Retirement shouldn’t be a thing because 1. it’s not in the Bible and 2. because Noah was 600 when he built the ark. THIS IS A THING HE SAID OUT LOUD IN PUBLIC WITH HIS VOICE OUT OF HIS FACE.),

Greg Gianforte, as I’m sure you have heard, physically assaulted The Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs after Jacobs asked a perfectly legitimate question about the Republicans’ health care bill and the abysmal CBO score it received. Just flat out body slammed him, breaking his glasses and sending Jacobs to the hospital because he didn’t like a question Jacobs asked. This wasn’t just an attack on Ben Jacobs, it was an attack on the freedom of the press itself, and it is infuriating that not only did Gianforte win despite this, but that his supporters and other members of the right ACTUALLY APPLAUDED HIM FOR DOING IT. I am so disgusted and outraged by this, and yet not surprised in the least because this is our country now. This is what America, impossibly, looks like, and I have nothing funny to say about it.

Fortunately, there are some professionals who can take care of that for me. Seth Meyers gives an impassioned, funny defense of the press, the First Amendment and American values in this brilliant “A Closer Look”:

Stephen Colbert follows Gianforte’s example.

Jimmy Kimmel has fourth graders read Donald Trump’s speeches because.

And Conan works out with Wonder Woman and it goes exactly about how you expect it would:

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