Trailer Park: ‘Friends from College,’ ‘Tour de Pharmacy,’ ‘War Machine,’ ‘World of Dance,’ and ‘F is for Family.’

Friends from College is going to be your new favorite Netflix series if you like jokes about drugs and tap shoes. And who doesn’t?

Friends from College will premiere on Netflix on July 14.

Alright, this also looks pretty hilarious. Tour de Pharmacy is a sports mockumentary about the 1982 Tour de France and it stars Andy Samberg and pretty much the entire universe, including “one anonymous informant.”

Tour de Pharmacy will air on HBO on July 8

Brad Pitt stars in War Machine, a military comedy film about Afghanistan.

War Machine begins streaming in Netflix this Friday.

World of Dance wants to be your new So You Think You Can Dance. We’ll see, J. Lo. WE’LL JUST SEE.

World of Dance premieres on NBC on May 30.

F is for Family, a series I forgot existed, is back for a second season. There is cartoon penis in this trailer, you’ve been warned.

F is for Family returns on Netflix on May 30.

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