Trailer Park: The All CBS edition

Young Sheldon is the prequel to The Big Bang Theory, following Sheldon’s childhood in East Texas. And I didn’t hate this? Which is surprising because I hate The Big Bang Theory. HATE hate. But Iain Armitage (who was the kid at the center of Big Little Lies) is a good little actor and the single-camera style — which I was not expecting — works nicely here. I don’t know that it’s the best fit for CBS which is more of a multi-camera kind of network, but this really doesn’t look bad.

Young Sheldon will air on Thursdays. It will have a sneak preview on September 25, and officially debut on November 2 on CBS.

9JKL is a multi-camera sitcom about a guy who moves into the apartment between his parents and his brother and is much more a traditional CBS multi-camera sitcom in that I will likely never ever watch it and yet it will become a huge hit and I will never understand.

9JKL will air on Monday nights and debut on October 2.

Me Myself & I is the reason Bobby Moynihan is leaving Saturday Night Live after 9 years. He stars as a guy whose life is told in three parts: from his childhood, his present and his future in which he is improbably played by John Larroquette.

Me Myself & I will air on Monday nights.

Seal Team stars David Boreanaz and is exactly what you think it is meaning I could barely keep my eyeballs in my head watching this one. The children’s choir singing David Bowie’s “Heroes” almost makes me relieved that Bowie is dead so that he wouldn’t have to see this.

Seal Team will air on Wednesday nights.

S.W.A.T. is also pretty much exactly what you would expect: a crime procedural starring Shemar Moore and his perfectly groomed eyebrows. But I will give it props for touching on the Black Lives Matter issue, at least in this preview. That is some potentially dangerous territory for CBS to wander into, especially in this sympathetic fashion.

S.W.A.T. will air on Thursday nights beginning November 2.

Wisdom of the Crowd is the most terrifying new show of the season. Jeremy Piven stars as a tech mogul who walks away from his successful business to start a crowdsourcing app to help him solve his daughter’s murder. Hilarity ensues. And by “hilarity” I mean this looks like someone took a Black Mirror episode and rewrote it to make intrusive technology the hero. You just have to watch this and tell me the ending to this doesn’t give you chills.

Wisdom of the Crowd will air on Sundays this fall.

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