Jimmy Kimmel’s handy guide to identifying FAKE NEWS

Jimmy Kimmel offers a concise and easy guide to spotting #FAKENEWS.

Speaking of #FAKENEWS, The Daily Show demonstrates all of the ways Fox News has tried to spin the Comey memo, and it is truly remarkable. “Why is this memo only being surfaced after he was fired?” GEE, I DON’T KNOW. “No one can understand this story.” Well, I mean idiots who watch Fox News can’t understand it, but it’s pretty cut and dry for the rest of us. “What you think is happening, often isn’t happening.” Tucker “Gaslighting” Carlson, ladies and gentlemen.

Seth Meyers finally gets around to the Comey memo WHICH ALREADY FEELS LIKE A MILLION YEARS AGO EVEN THOUGH IT WAS JUST TUESDAY. What is it going to be today? No, seriously, what will it be? That Jared is actually Putin’s child? I need to go lie down.

Stephen Colbert was busy hosting the CBS upfronts yesterday, so this was clearly taped on Tuesday and the special counsel (or councel if you are a 70-year-old ignoramus who just got access to his phone back) didn’t come up. Still, he’s not wrong about the scandal stroganoff. Mmmm… stroganoff.

Jimmy Fallon doesn’t know what today’s scandal is. No one does, Jimmy. No one does.

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