Trailer Park: ‘The Mist,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Still Star-Crossed’ and ‘The Flash’ finale

Welcome to the Trailer Park, a lonely little corner of Foolish where I will be dumping the latest trailers for all your favorite shows. Today’s trailers include one for a new horror series; a sequel to Romeo and Juliet; yet another Twin Peaks teaser that tells us virtually nothing; and a glimpse at the upcoming final episodes of The Flash.

This The Mist trailer is much gorier than the previous one. So many missing eyeballs! So many bugs coming from places they shouldn’t be! So many drills in parts of the body that should not be harboring drills!

The Mist premieres on Spike TV on Thursday, June 22. 

The trailer for the final episodes of The Flash reminds us all that time travel is a bitch.

The Flash‘s season finale airs on The CW on Tuesday, May 23.

Another day, another Twin Peaks teaser, this time reminding everyone who created the golden age of television.

Twin Peaks debuts on Showtime on Sunday, May 21.

Still Star-Crossed, the show that dares to ask, “But what happened after Romeo and Juliet died?” has a new trailer.

Still Star-Crossed debuts on ABC on Monday, May 29.

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