This is just life now, so we might give the late night hosts a shot at trying to make us laugh about it, right?

Alright. I’ve had a day to deal with my feelings and we can’t avoid this mess any longer, so let’s talk about the election of our first reality television president.

~release deep calming breath~

Seth Meyers’s comments about the election are genuine, heartfelt and intelligent no matter who you voted for. 

Because I wasn’t ready to talk about it yesterday, here are Stephen Colbert’s election night thoughts, which are also very reasonable. Warning: he might make you start crying again. 

Conan assures us that we have been here before:

But not everyone is in such a conciliatory mood. The Daily Show‘s Hasan Minhaj and Michelle Wolf are here to remind you that there are real people whose lives are profoundly impacted by this election. Sorry for the crummy videos, The Daily Show hasn’t posted them on their YouTube channel yet, and HULU DOES NOT WORK HERE, WORDPRESS. And Wolf’s commentary begins at the 6:40 mark if you don’t want to watch Trevor Noah’s opening thoughts.


Here’s Samantha Bee’s take, bless her. 

Jimmy Kimmel gives the election the Animal House treatment and it is great, no matter where you stand:

Other television-related folks chimed in on the Trump presidency:

Aaron Sorkin wrote a moving letter to his wife and daughter — and by extension all women. And I point this out reluctantly because I DESPISE Aaron Sorkin. Like, irrationally so.

George R.R. Martin reminded us that he told us winter was coming in his blog post “President Pussygrabber.”

And Parks and Recreation creator Mike Schur had some thoughts on electing “a vain, violent, ignorant, sexist bully as our President.”

Hey, remember that Law & Order: SVU episode that was going to be based on Donald Trump and all of his pussy grabbing? Yeah, it’s looking less and less likely that will ever see the light of day.

So who plays Trump on SNL now? Because I don’t think Alec Baldwin expected this to be a full-time gig.

Trump’s unexpected victory also left the South Park guys making a last second change in their election episode.

Rosie O’Donnell has joined the cast of Showtime’s comedy pilot SMILF. Between this and her appearance in Hairspray Live! she’s not going anywhere, President-elect Trump.

In other, non-political news, Netflix is dropping shows from HGTV, Food Network and the Travel Channel, to make room for all that original programming they are are buying up.

What do video game developers think about Westworld? Glad you asked!

AMC has no idea how The Walking Dead will end, Scott Gimple doesn’t know how The Walking Dead is going to end, and Robert Kirkman claims he knows how The Walking Dead is going to end, but I don’t believe him.

Legends of Tomorrow has been given a few more episodes over on The CW.

Something to Celebrate, a family comedy produced by Elizabeth Banks, has been bought by CBS.


Supernatural: Adolf Hitler’s soul is trapped in a watch, and I am not going to make a single political joke. Not one. 8 p.m., The CW

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