More ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers that have us so angry that it is not summer 2017 already.

More Game of Thrones spoilers to feed your constant craving for Game of Thrones spoilers. Scroll over: There is some interesting casting news that suggests a fight we’ve been waiting for might still happen. (~cough~ Cleagne Bowl ~cough~) You need to scroll down pretty far — way past the photo of my husband’s college classmate and subject of his fierce jealousy, David Eagleman, the one where he is with Daenerys and which I’ve shown my husband about five times now — to get to the plot point that is interesting about Scroll over: Cersei and the Iron Bank. Lannisters and … what’s that saying again?


Jimmy Kimmel is terrorizing America’s youth again:

UnReal is going full Bachelorette this next season. Let’s hope that fixes what’s broken.

Are you digging the music on Westworld on account of it being awesome? You can now own it or stream it.

What are the kids watching these days? Football. Mostly just football.

Young Pope, HBO’s sexxxxy pope show, will debut on January 15th, and I can’t wait.

The good news is that Timeless has been picked up for 3 more episodes, the less good news is that it brings the series up to 16 episodes, not the full season order of 22.

So, apparently, there will be an episode of The Mindy Project this season where Mindy wakes up in the body of a white man, and that white man will be Ryan Hansen, whom we all love and adore and who needs a really good series where he is not the lead, but the douchey best friend. Get on it, TV.

Speaking of, Mindy Kaling and her Mindy Project co-star, Ed Weeks, are working on a comedy about a lesbian couple who moves to Kansas for ABC. Hey, does anyone else remember when Mindy’s character slept with Ed’s character in the first episode of The Mindy Project and then everyone acted like that never happened? That happened, right? I didn’t just imagine that happened, did I?

In other development news:

Speaking of kids’ shows, something called K.C. Undercover has been renewed by the Disney Channel for a third season.

R.I.P. Don Marshall, actor on Land of the Giants and Star Trek among others.


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Stan Against Evil: The terrific John McGinley stars in this horror comedy about a retired law man who is brought back to the force to fight demons. Series premiere. 9 p.m., IFC

Triumph Election Watch 2016: The Home Stretch: Only one more week, guys. Hulu

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