Fire up the Silkwood showers, we have another day of Trump news to get through.

An editor on The Apprentice has come forward saying that Donald Trump often said between takes that he wanted to “drill” female contestants he found attractive, so that’s gross.

And if you’re not already completely skeeved out, CBS went back into their archives and found this footage of Trump talking about dating a young child in 10 years.

Donald Trump wanted O.J. Simpson on Celebrity Apprentice obviously. OBVIOUSLY. Obviously!

Mark Burnett is now trying to claim that he’s not pro-Trump. He’s just pro-making money off of Trump and pro-protecting Trump’s TV career.

Anderson Cooper for President.

There is a “sexy” Ken Bone costume now because this world is garbage.

But then some genius gave the first Presidential debate an Arrested Development edit and it makes everything a little bit better. 

Some TV personalities are turning their outrage into action: Owen Ellickson, a producer on Superstore, (and he has a hilarious twitter account that is worth following) has started a GoFundMe to give more to charity — Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, specifically — than Trump gave to his own charity. And Rob Delaney of Catastrophe started a fundraising campaign to punish GOPers who unendorsed Trump only after the release of the Access Hollywood tape.

In other news — GOD LET US GET TO OTHER NEWS — The Nerd in Chief has given us his list of favorite sci-fi movies and shows.

Lethal Weapon isn’t going away anytime soon.

Finding Prince Charming will be back for a second season, and if you are watching this nonsense, I hope you’ve been following Bobby’s recaps over at Towleroad, you won’t be disappointed.

UnReal is going through some stuff, y’all.

Here are pictures of Maisie Williams in costume for Game of Thrones which is making people think that a family reunion might be in order. That’s not a spoiler, right? That’s just rank speculation so I’m going to rule: Not a Spoiler.

Everybody got all worked up when it sounded like Jeffrey Dean Morgan said his character Negan killed more than one character in the season premiere of The Walking Dead, but that’s totally not what he meant, apparently, so stand down.

Speaking of, The Walking Dead is working overtime to make us think Negan kills Daryl. He’s not going to kill Daryl.

The Duffer Brothers are reading your fan theories about Stranger Things, so make sure your spelling and grammar is tight.

Speaking of The Duffer Brothers, they made The Hollywood Reporter’s list of The 50 Most Important Showrunners.

ABC is giving Ricky Gervais his own game show — which he is going to host — called Five to Survive, and kids are involved and I’m sorry, I love Ricky, but were the executives at ABC drunk when they ordered this? Ricky Gervais + game show + kids? Get your emails ready, PTC.

In other development news:

R.I.P. Patricia Barry, soap actress, three-time Emmy award winner, and philanthropist.

R.I.P. Tommy Ford, co-star on Martin.


Supernatural: Season premiere! Whitney’s on the job! 8 p.m., The CW

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Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Vin Diesel, Norman Reedus, Christine and the Queens Late Night with Seth Meyers: Kevin Hart, Sen. Al Franken, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Thaddeus Dixon, Corey Glover & Vernon Reid Jimmy Kimmel Live: Colin Farrell, Laverne Cox, Vin Scully The Daily Show: Ana Navarro, Jidenna Watch What Happens Live: J.K. Simmons, Meredith Vieira

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