‘Fear the Walking Dead’: American pyscho

Fear the Walking Dead
“Do Not Disturb”
September 4, 2016

Let me start by saying that I literally had no idea when I titled the last entry “Do Not Disturb,” that this would be this episode’s title. No idea! I must be psychic! Orrrrrrrrrrr “Do Not Disturb” is just a painfully obvious title for a story taking place in a hotel. Who can say?

We begin this episode with a flashback of the wedding whose remains our heroes stumbled through in the previous episode. It seems everyone was enjoying themselves at Oscar and Jessica’s Rosarito Beach Hotel wedding reception except for the mother of the bride, Mary Alice Young, who was growing more agitated about the rumors of an illness spreading. Elena, a general manager of the hotel, checks on Mom, who informs her that after the first dance, they need to end the reception so that their guests can get back across the border before it’s closed.

But then the father of the bride goes and has a heart attack and apparently dies immediately because he reanimates within seconds and promptly helps himself to the bride’s face. Panic panic panic, and Elena the General Manager hustles herself and her employees out of the ballroom before locking all the of guests inside. ¡Adios, gringos!

In the present, Awful Teenage Daughter finds herself alone, trapped in a hotel room. After surveilling the hallway for a while, Awful Teenage Daughter makes a run for it, only to be chased into the elevator shaft by zombies where she clings to the cables for dear life. Awful Teenage Daughter is saved by this Elena woman who pulls her to safety on the floor above before promptly threatening her with an ax and demanding to know, “WHERE IS HE?”

john travolta confused pulp fiction looking around.gif

Awful Teenage Daughter is like, “Dude, you clearly have me confused with someone else… I’m here with my mom and a couple of friends who I kinda need to go find now, so you’ll excuse me, please.” But Elena doesn’t allow her to leave until she gives some exposition: some of the hotel guests are holding her nephew Hector hostage, and they want her hotel keys in exchange for his safety. And she’s not going to just hand them over for reasons.

Awful Teenage Daughter and Elena work in coordination to herd the hall zombies into a single hotel room, allowing them to go downstairs safely. Once in the ballroom, Elena is like, “I should mention that the hotel guests are super mad at me because I locked them in here when the outbreak occurred, sooooo…” But Awful Teenage Daughter is like, “We all make mistakes. I once led a murderous gang of pirates directly to my family because I was hot for one of their voices. It’s cool. I got your back.”

And then these guests appear — among them Oscar and Mom of the Bride — along with Nephew Hector. Elena makes the key exchange, and once Hector is safely with them, Awful Teenage Daughter opens the doors to the bar, allowing the bar zombies to come spilling out. So that’s probably not going to improve the hotel guests’ feelings towards Elena.

Awful Teenage Daughter then searches the bar zombies for her mom, and spots one that sports a similar haircut, but it’s not Madison, of course it’s not Madison, but nice try, Show. Pulling her away from the bar zombies, Elena and Hector lead Awful Teenage Daughter through the kitchen and into an underground tunnel. There, they find their egress blocked by a locked door, which eventually is opened by Madison and Strand.

In some other part of Mexico, Travis and Awful Chris find themselves a car, which is fortunate because Travis’ foot isn’t looking so hot. While Travis breaks into the car, Awful Chris heads off by himself to search for more supplies. In a nearby restaurant, Awful Chris overhears some people talking somewhere in the back, but he also finds a giant can of beans and some bottled water and puts them in his bag. Which is when the village zombies start pouring into the restaurant. Killing all the village zombies, killing all the village zombies, killing all teh village zombies and Awful Chris manages to save one of the guys who had been in the back in the process.


Awful Chris hurries back to his father and urges him to DRIVE. NOW.

Heading down the highway, Travis decides that this is as good a time as any for Awful Chris to learn to drive, a horror of its own sort that I know well being the mother of my own awful teenagers.

Eventually the car runs out of gas, so they set up camp on the side of the road, make a fire, eat their beans and discuss what they should do next. Travis suggests they find a place in the mountains with a good vantage point and a well; Awful Chris has the awful idea to head to the border. Travis is like, “NOPE,” before pointing out that tons of people are going to head to the river which means dangerous people will go there, too, to prey on the weaker ones.

And that’s when the restaurant guys find them. But it’s all good, dudes! The restaurant guys, Brandon, Derek and Baby James, are, like, chill! And just want to hang! Over the beans, taking a page from Rick’s playbook, Brandon asks Awful Chris how many kills he’s made and, proudly, Awful Chris tells him 17. Even Travis is like, daaaaaaaamn.

Travis and Awful Chris inform the restaurant brahs that San Diego and Los Angeles and everything else west of the continental divide has been bombed out of existence.


Brandon offers to give Awful Chris and Travis a ride back to the States, but Travis, suspicious of these dudes, accepts a ride only to the next town to Awful Chris’ disappointment.

Later, Awful Chris tries to talk Travis into accepting Brandon’s offer, but when Travis refuses, worrying that Brandon and the other bros are too dangerous to trust, Awful Chris is like, “OH I GET IT, IT’S MADISON. YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO HER. GAH, DAD.”

The next day, Awful Chris rides in the cab of Brandon’s truck, giggling with the boys and being bros. At one point, they spot a farm and decide to pull over to scavenge. Once there, Travis starts making plans for the farm — he and Awful Chris can just make this home! It has water, there’s land they can farm, it’s isolated, but obviously NOT ENOUGH OR THERE WOULDN’T BE A BUNCH OF DOUCHEBAG SURFERS CRAWLING ALL OVER IT RIGHT NOW, DUMMY.

Anyway, the bros finds some chickens in a barn, and while they’re busy chasing them around, Travis discovers three crosses in the backyard — two marking the graves of children and one for a mother. Putting two and two together, Travis runs to the barn to urge these doofuses that it’s time to leave before papa bear finds them, but! alas, too late, and they are confronted by a very angry Mexican gentleman with a very long rifle.

Travis tries to talk everybody down, but dumb surf bro number two snaps a chicken’s neck, prompting Papa Oso to shoot him in the leg. And that’s when Awful Chris shoots Papa Oso in the chest, killing him, leaving Travis stunned because he somehow didn’t know just how awful his awful son has become. WELL, GUESS WHAT, TRAV, YOU’VE RAISED A PSYCHOPATH. CONGRATULATIONS.

Fear the Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 8/9 p.m.

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