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The Walking Dead
November 3, 2013

Oh, Tyreese. Tyreese, Tyreese, Tyreese. Yes, your sister is sick and yes, the odds are not in hers or anyone else’s favor who is back at the prison, but you’re not going to help anyone by moping in the stream. Get your stuff, big guy, and go join the rest of your group. (By the way: thanks for the heads-up on the proper spelling of Tyreese’s name, Reader Who Alerted Me. I was probably biased towards the -rese spelling thanks to my own name. You know how it is.)

Daryl and Michonne have figured out that there is a town a couple of miles down the road, and as the group makes their way along, Daryl finds a piece of jasper. Michonne smiles (!!) and flirts (?!?!) that the stone brings his eyes out.

Oh my God, am I a Daryl + Michonne shipper? I might be a Daryl and Michonne shipper. What is happening to me?


Daryl explains he promised one of the prison residents we’ve never met that he would look for jasper for her husband’s grave marker. (We didn’t meet him either, no worries.) Michonne marvels that he knows all these people (you and me both, Michonne) but Daryl sasses that if she hung around the prison for more than a couple of hours at a time, she might contract the prison flu too get to know them for herself.

The group finally comes across an overgrown gas station with an unusual pricing structure and a minivan buried in kudzu. Unfortunately, the minivan’s battery is drained, so the group has to cut their way through even more kudzu and a few kudzu-trapped walkers to get inside the station for a replacement. Tyreese, making his very best effort to get himself eaten, hangs on to a gnashing walker just a little too long, while everyone else just sort of looks on impassively. YOU HAVE A SWORD, MICHONNE, USE IT. Finally, realizing that no one else is going to do anything, Bob shoots Tyreese’s walker and is like, “Dude. All you had to do was let go of him.”

I don’t get it.

While Daryl and Bob search the station for a replacement battery, Michonne gives Tyreese more grief about not letting go of the kudzu walker. What is he trying to do? Get his fool self eaten? Michonne understands that Tyreese is angry, but like Yoda says, “anger leads to stupid, stupid leads to you getting eaten.” Tyreese notes that Michonne still seems pretty angry at the Governor. Michonne admits that she would kill the Governor if he were there right now, but refuses to admit that she’s still angry. Tyreese wonders why if she’s not angry, she keeps going out looking for him and Michonne is like, “uhhhh…”

While replacing the minivan’s battery, Daryl asks Bob about his previous groups, and Bob explains that when they found him on the road, he considered not joining them. He had been the last survivor of two different groups already and he’s tired of bearing witness. Bob then becomes all confessional and blurts out that he’s a bit of a drinker — it helps with the quiet — and that he went on the Big Lots! run so as to resupply his stash. In fact, funny story, while inside Big Lots! he had picked up a bottle only to change his mind at the last moment, and when he returned the bottle, it took down the shelves and then all the walkers came pouring in from the ceiling and then Beaver died, whoops. Daryl is like, “Oh get over yourself already. Sasha and I picked that spot, Beaver’s death is not on you.” And then the minivan starts, hooray!

The group finally makes it to the veterinary college, where Bob instructs Michonne to grab anything that ends in “cillin” or “cin” and, hey, here’s an idea, how about grabbing as much as you can carry of anything? It’s not like this is the last time someone is going to get sick, right? So why not just load up on all of the supplies that the minivan can carry? JUST A THOUGHT.

But whatever, they got what they came for and after fighting their way back through a bunch of walkers — some of whom may be infected with Prison Swine Flu — they make their escape out of a window and onto a roof. Everyone manages to stick their landings, except for Bob whose bag dangles over the ledge and a bunch of walkers are able to grab at it. “LET IT GO,” the rest of the group yells. “LET. IT. GO. DUM-DUM.” But he doesn’t, and he manages to wrestle the bag away from the walkers, only for the rest of the group to discover that the bag is not filled with “cillin” and “cin” but “Cinnamon Schnapps.” OH GURL, YOU MADE DARYL MAD NOW. When Daryl threatens to throw the bottle off the roof, Bob grabs for us gun which OH NO YOU DID NOT. Angry (sexy) Daryl stomps over to Bob, grabs his gun, but Tyreese, who has suddenly become Mr. Reasonable, urges Daryl to let it go. Daryl returns the bottle but with the caveat that if Bob takes a sip, he’ll have to answer to Daryl. Fair enough! Good trade!

The Scowling Gang returns into the minivan where Michonne announces that she won’t be going scouting for the Governor anymore (presumably so she can spend more quality time with Daryl) (and who could blame her).


And then Michonne drives them back to the prison because Daryl can’t be trusted to keep his eyes on the road.

Back at the prison, Carol has a long, symbolic talk with New Sophia #1 about death and change and strength. New Sophia explains that she thinks a lot of people are going to die in the prison, but that it’s OK because at least they come back. Carol tries to correct her: walkers aren’t people anymore. But New Sophia is more philosophical about the whole thing: just as she will change as she grows up, yet remain the same person, the walkers have just changed from their previous form into another. Well, that’s one completely insane, suicidal way of looking at things!

Carol urges New Sophia to kill if she has to, so as to protect herself and New Sophia #2, and instructs her to keep her knife out where she can get to it quickly. New Sophia accidentally calls Carol “mom,” before quickly correcting herself, but not before Carol can snip at her to not call her that. COOL. VERY COOL, CAROL. Wasn’t it enough that you killed her father in front of her? God.

And then Carol and Rick head out on a food run, because it doesn’t look like the medicine mission is coming back anytime soon. On the drive, Carol notes that Rick left Maggie, someone he trusted, to watch over things at the prison. Carol then protests to a silent Rick that Karen and David were going to drown on their own blood! She ended their suffering! She had to try to keep the illness from spreading!

“O? And how’d that work out, Carol?” Rick’s B-face replies.

The pair arrive in a residential neighborhood where they find a station wagon with a relatively clean windshield parked in front of a house, suggesting that it couldn’t have been there for longer than a day or two. Before they head inside the house, Rick instructs Carol to take any food or first aid items she might find, and Carol isn’t like, “HEY, THANKS, I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT TO DO THAT ON OUR FOOD/MEDICAL SUPPLY RUN, RICK,” like I would have been.

Inside the first house, Rick and Carol find a few things in the bathroom, and move into the kitchen when a walker stumbles down the stairs at them. Carol swiftly disposes of it, only to hear a door creak open upstairs. But hey! It’s just a young hippie couple! Bearing fruit! Which they throw at Rick! And he doesn’t catch! Because Rick doesn’t know how to play catch!

Hippies come downstairs where they explain they found the fruit in a nearby greenhouse which was awesome! That is until the walkers came along and ruined everything which was a bummer. Dude dislocated his shoulder escaping, which Carol pops back in for him using a kitchen table and a garbage bag (TWD: not afraid to be servicey!). Rick asks how long they’ve been in the house, and they explain they were hiding from the walker in the bedroom for the past two days. Rick, he is not impressed. They have guns! And knives! Hippies explain that they are bad shots, and what? stab the walker in the head? EW. GROSS. Hippies explain that they were separated from the rest of their group during a stampede in which Chick’s tattooed leg was injured and now it’s just the two of them and their bad aim. Would it be cool if they could hang with them, man? Well, that depends on how well you play “Three Questions With Rick,” kids.

We don’t find out how they answered, but Rick seems underwhelmed. Nevertheless, he gives them the prison’s location and explains that they are in the midst of a flu epidemic; children have died — but not Carol’s kid, she doesn’t have any kids, why would you ask that, Hippies, what was the question again? Hippies decide they will take their chances, what does Rick need them to do? Rick orders them to stay at the house, he and Carol will return for them after they collect some more supplies. Hippies, with Carol’s support, try to argue that they could cover more ground with their help, but Rick’s not having it, and gives Dude his watch: he and Carol will be back for them in two hours.

Rick and Carol rummage through another house and discuss whether or not they should bring Hippies with them: Carol is pro, Rick is not so sure. Carol brings up Karen and David, again, wondering why Rick hasn’t said anything about it. Rick needs to face reality, and the reality is Rick needs to be a leader. Carol tells Rick that he can be a farmer, he can’t just be a farmer. Carol adds that he was a good leader, a better one than she gave him credit for. Rick argues that he never killed two of their own, and Carol sasses back that he only killed one. Rick argues that he acted in self-defense, and Carol responds that she did, too. Rick doesn’t have to like what Carol did, he just has to accept it.

The duo make their way through a backyard where they stop to pick some tomatoes and discuss Carol’s arm-popping skills. Turns out she learned that little trick after years of being abused by her awful husband. Blah blah blah, she was a victim and now she is not, blah, something irrelevant about Lori making pancakes, blah. And that’s when they notice the spilled basket of peaches, a drag trail, Chick’s disembodied lower tatooed leg and a pair of walkers noming on what remains of the rest of her. So that’s one less hippie they have to make room for at the prison…

Rick and Carol wait at the house for Dude until Pragmatic Carol is pragmatic and tells Rick it’s time to go. FINE, says Rick, we’ll go, but in two separate cars in two separate directions, because you are kicked out of Team Prison. Rick explains that when Tyreese finds out that Carol killed Karen and David, he will kill her. And even if Tyreese never finds out that Carol killed Karen and David, Rick will always know and he just can’t trust her around his kids. Carol sorta protests, kinda, but Rick is like, “Whatever, you’ll be fine, here’s some gasoline in case you run into someone with a cold.”

In exchange, Carol gives Rick the watch her abusive husband gave her because of symbolisms.

And then Rick drives back to the prison, trying to come up with some plausible excuse to give Daryl and all the Daryl/Carol shippers for Carol’s absence. Good luck with that, buddy!

The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 8/9 p.m.

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