‘The Walking Dead’: WHAT THE SHIT

The Walking Dead
“Still Gotta Mean Something”
April 1, 2018

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‘The Walking Dead’: All hail the King

The Walking Dead
“The Well”
October 30, 3016

While Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, and the others were watching Negan crush their souls, Carol and Morgan were in the middle of their own considerably less horrific drama. Carol left Alexandria in a fit of guilt or something, ambushed a bunch of Saviors, took their weapons and almost got away with it until Morgan and one of the Saviors caught up with Carol. The Savior did that dumb thing that bad guys do where he was all: “Imma gonna shoot you in the arm to drag out your pain but also to give someone an opportunity to sneak up from behind and kill me before I kill you,” which is exactly what happens. Morgan kills the Savior; Morgan has a moral crisis.

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‘The Walking Dead’: Up her sleeve

The Walking Dead
March 27, 2016

We begin with quick shots suggesting a bit of unpleasant business: a bullet hole through a windshield, a puddle of blood, Carol’s rosary beads in a pile on the ground, someone screaming. Oh, Carol, what have you gotten yourself — and who even knows who else — into? Continue reading “‘The Walking Dead’: Up her sleeve”