In which Jack Harlow’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ is overshadowed by the haunting of David S. Pumpkins

Saturday Night Live
Jack Harlow
October 29, 2022

Even though I am An Old, I am vaguely aware of who Jack Harlow is thanks to my love for Lil’ Nas X, and Jack Harlow’s collaboration with him on “Industry Baby.” And because of that collaboration, I know Harlow is a rapper who has a decent sense of humor and enough security in himself and his masculinity that he can appear in a music video filled with a bunch of naked men twerking in a shower without worrying — or caring — that he might be presumed to be gay by association. And that’s not nothing, especially in the world of Hip Hop. What Harlow demonstrated by collaborating on that song and participating in that video and in live performances is that he has a healthy self-image, the ability to laugh at himself, and a willingness to take risks — all of which are excellent qualities for a successful Saturday Night Live host.

So I was not disappointed when Harlow helped deliver the best episode of the season so far — though he had a big assist from Tom Hanks and the loveable Bobby Moynihan. Because the truth of the matter is, no matter who was hosting, people were going to love this episode thanks to the return of one David S. Pumpkins. In fact, it was almost a disservice to Harlow as host, because the return of David S. Pumpkins is going to be the only thing people remember from this episode, even though Harlow himself was funny, goofy, and game. Any questions?

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