Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope neither EPSN nor NPR ruined your celebrations …

Did you have a nice holiday weekend? Hang out with the family? Spend some time on the beach? Maybe enjoy a picnic?

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I hope you had a great Fourth of July and that it wasn’t ruined by ESPN losing the feed of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in the last moments. (Joey Chestnut won, again, by the way.)

Every Fourth of July, NPR tweets out and reads on air the Declaration of Independence. This year, they chose to add a disclaimer noting that at the time it was written, the Founders did not intend for equality to extend to women or people of color and that they used a slur to refer to Native Americans — which is all true.

You can imagine how this was received, I’m sure.

A former Fox News executive has some strong things to say about his former network and how far off the rails it has gone. I’m old enough to remember the Bullshit Mountain days — the network has always been bad — but I have to agree that the COVID-denialism that they are pushing which is literally costing their viewers their lives, is an entirely different, and more disgusting, new low.

I guess we’re still doing these Olympics. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They begin on July 23, and NBC has released their calendar of events and where you’ll be able to watch them.

Betty Gilpin has an idea for a GLOW reboot, and I’m all for it except for the part where we have to wait 20 years.

Reports are coming in that stunt performers are being hurt on the set of the Lord of the Rings series (maybe as many as three have suffered injuries on-set) but Amazon is all “NUH-UH.”

Marv Albert has finally retired and it is legitimately shocking that he stayed on the air as long as he did after PLEADING GUILTY TO SEXUAL ASSAULT AND BATTERY, which everyone seems to have completely forgotten because it predated the #MeToo movement. In fact, this Dateline piece doesn’t even mention it. And in conclusion:


Casting News

Mark Your Calendar

  • Fear Street Part 2: 1978 will premiere on Netflix on July 9.

  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation premieres on Netflix on July 23.

  • Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean will premiere on Netflix on July 30.

  • Descendants: The Royal Wedding will debut on Disney Channel on August 13.

  • Car Masters will return on Netflix on August 4.


Matiss Kivlenieks, NHL Goalie

Terry Donahue, Former UCLA football coach


The Beast Must Die: A grieving mother seeks vengeance against the hit-and-run driver who killed her son in this new drama, while a detective strives to stop her. Premiere. (It will premiere on AMC next week.) AMC+

POV: “The Neutral Ground: A Film About Sore Losers”: Comedians C.J. Hunt and Roy Wood Jr. examine the fight to remove Confederate statues in New Orleans in this new documentary.  8:30 p.m., PBS

Reservoir Dogs: Since he’s making big talk about retiring, it’s a good time to revisit his first, revolutionary film. 8:26 p.m., HBO Zone West

MON. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC The Bachelorette
Celebrity Dating Game
CBS The Neighborhood
Bob ♥ Abishola
NCIS: New Orleans
NCIS: Los Angeles
CW All American
The Republic of Sarah
FOX Hell’s Kitchen
NBC Stanley Cup Playoffs

2 thoughts on “Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope neither EPSN nor NPR ruined your celebrations …

  1. I was only mildly upset that Lovecraft Country had been cancelled. After all, the one season was excellent but seemed self-contained. What could they possibly have for a second season?

    Then I read that tweet about the Whitelands and saw that map.

    Aw, ma-a-a-an!

    1. Exactly, Jim. Especially after having killed off so many major characters, I just didn’t know where they were going to go with future seasons. But now that I do know what the plan looked like, I’m super bummed.


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