John Krasinski seals the first ‘Saturday Night Live’ of 2021 with a kiss

Saturday Night Live
John Krasinski & Machine Gun Kelly
January 30, 2021

After a six week break in which A LOT has happened in this country — insurrection, the inauguration of a new President, massive death, a vaccine rollout, and outbreaks of new strains —  Saturday Night Live finally returned with first-time host John Krasinski. And all in all, it was a solid, if not spectacular effort. Krasinski is charming and likable and after working on one of the most popular television comedies for nine seasons, he has plenty of experience with comic timing. He did just fine with his first time on the 8H stage.

As for the writing, contrary to what I was expecting, it almost seems that the writers’ room feels liberated by the removal of the former President. While it wasn’t a brilliant episode by any stretch, it did seem like the writers felt like they could tackle other current events, current events that would have otherwise been overshadowed by the cartoonish White House even just a month ago. I could be projecting, but with the exception of “Weekend Update,” this episode felt breezier to me, lighter. Eh, who knows, maybe it was just that the writers needed a good long vacation. And honestly, who doesn’t?

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