Late Night tackles another bad news day for President Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Seth Meyers takes A Close Look at Trump’s response to his very bad news day yesterday. And somehow pitcher Randy Johnson gets dragged into it:

Stephen Colbert notes that he’s not surprised Trump was the third member in a meeting to conspire to make illegal payments to pay off his mistresses — after all it was Trump’s member that got him into this pickle in the first place:

Jimmy Kimmel is pretty sure the only law Trump hasn’t broken is gravity:

Trevor Noah notes that Trump IS the “law and order” president: “As in: I will break the law, in order to become president.” 

James Corden notes that if the National Enquirer had actually run the story about Trump’s affair that they “caught and killed” it would have been more like, “read and vomit”:

Seth Meyers points out that Michael Cohen’s claims aren’t about embarrassing Trump, because YOU CAN’T EMBARRASS DONALD TRUMP.

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