Late Night gets their hands on Kavanaugh’s alibi calendar

In response to the story that Brett Kavanaugh is going to present a calendar from 1982 as evidence he didn’t assault Dr. Ford, Trevor Noah points out that a calendar only notes what you PLAN to do, not what you actually did, and wonders if such a calendar would hold up in Kavanaugh’s own court:

Stephen Colbert also obtained this calendar that supposedly will vindicate Kavanaugh:

Conan notes that only 13 more accusations against him and Kavanaugh can run for President:

Seth Meyers yells at the media for their coverage of Rod Rosenstein and Trump in A Closer Look because EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO BETTER:

Colbert also covered cable news’ breathtaking coverage of a parked car:

Jimmy Kimmel knows what Rosenstein’s backup plans are in the event once he’s fired:

James Corden suggests to Rosenstein that he doesn’t need to wear a wire to catch Trump saying something incriminating, just check his Twitter feed:

“President Trump is in New York this week for the U.N. General Assembly. Yep, a large gathering of diplomats from foreign countries — or as Trump calls it, ‘boring Miss Universe.’” — Jimmy Fallon

Seth Meyers has some thoughts on that sex doll brothel that is going to happen here in Houston. ~shiver~

Drunk Donald Trump is back!

John Oliver explains why a toilet is more socially valuable than Facebook:

Kimmel is convinced Beyoncé could start a gender war at a moment’s notice, and HE’S NOT WRONG.


3 thoughts on “Late Night gets their hands on Kavanaugh’s alibi calendar

  1. You fools are validating a show trial ala USSR Stalin times. YOU FOOLS. Indeed, his calendar does give him an alibi because he can prove where he was- other people would know he was there. Meanwhile NOBODY backs Chrissy’s “recovered” memory ala “satanic ritual abuse” recovered memory nonsense.


    1. Oh hi, Tanya, and welcome!

      Quick writing tip from a professional writer: calling people “fools” who write for a website called “Foolish Watcher” is hardly the devastating insult you seem to think it is. May I suggest you consult an online thesaurus like before drafting your next withering bon mot.

      Thanks for reading!
      The fools at Foolish Watcher

      Liked by 1 person

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